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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner for Work Environments

Those businesses involved in manufacturing and research know it is possible for dust, dirt, and debris to collect in the workplace. A standard vacuum cleaner will not be up to the task of dealing with such a problem, but a cleanroom vacuum cleaner is more than capable of handling the task. Whether you work in a lab, a research facility, or a hospital, this vacuum cleaner has the ability to eliminate the presence of particles and debris with almost no effort.

The double filtration system design of the vacuum cleaner contributes significantly to its ability to perform a thorough commercial quality cleaning. This design is specifically engineered to handle large volumes of dust and powder which would be found in a commercial environment as opposed to the home.

Double filtration specifically refers to the two separate filters found in the vacuum. The first filter is a DP (Dust and Powder) filter that captures normal size particles. The second filter is a ULPA filter, which captures microscopic particles ensuring the most thorough cleaning job possible. No dust, powder, dirt, or debris will escape this vacuum, and in certain work environments, this could prove enormously helpful towards eliminating impurities in the work environment.

The exhaust of the air speed has been lowered, which is another positive to the vacuum's performance. The slower air speed does kick up dust or powder which further contributes to making the workplace a pristine clean as possible.

While a standard vacuum is fine for the home or certain workplaces, those environments with a tremendous amount of dust, powder, and debris need an industrial strength vacuum. The cleanroom vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for those who need a vacuum that fits this description.



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