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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaners: The Only Vacuums that Clean Up 99.9% of Particles

When a patient goes to a hospital, they expect to get help and to recover. Unfortunately, research has shown that a large number of hospital patients are leaving the hospital sick these days. This is a very alarming trend, so it is more important now than ever to make sure that these types of facilities stay as clean as possible. One of the things that hospitals now use in order to maintain a clean environment is a cleanroom vacuum cleaner. However, this type of vacuum can be utilized in any industry or environment that must be kept clean to the highest possible standards.

Simply put, a cleanroom vacuum cleaner is the best type of vacuum available, and Suiden is proud to keep some of the best cleanroom vacuums on the market in stock. These types of vacuums are extremely useful for areas have to be meticulously clean. In fact, these vacuums are so effective that they are able to filter out 99.999% of particles that are larger than .12 microns. Essentially, these vacuums are able to suck up anything that they come into contact with.

A cleanroom vacuum cleaner is an extremely important tool for cleaning up facilities that have very high sanitation standards. Cleanroom vacuum cleaners are often used in hospitals, labs, facilities used for research, super computer rooms (where dust may clog the cooling fans), and manufacturing facilities that are reliant on clean and dust-free areas in order to manufacture their sensitive products.

The best cleanroom vacuums are designed to produce very little noise and yet maintain great suction. These vacuums have multiple filters, typically two, and this is a clear advantage over almost every other vacuum on the market. The first filter is a disposable paper bag that collects the majority of the debris. This first filter is used so that it won’t clog the second more-fine filter. These vacuums include a heavy duty vacuum rod, hoses, head attachments, and extra filter bags. The long rods are very useful in reaching those tight areas where a traditional vacuum wouldn’t be able to go, and the detachable heads are designed for specific uses such as crevices, walls, carpet, stairs, or flooring.

No matter what type of room you need to keep clean, Suiden can help. Browse our supply of cleanroom-quality vacuum cleaners today, and feel free to contact us to learn more. We look forward to working with you!



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