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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Portability, Power Draw Consumers To Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Whether you want to protect a leaky crawl space or protect a factory full of workers, wet-and-dry vacuum cleaners add cleaning power to every room. From oil to water to dust, commercial vacuum cleaners can draw harmful dust out of the air, clean up spills and simply make the areas of your life a little easier to navigate.

According to Consumer Reports' latest Wet/Dry Vac study, consumers are looking for a very specific set of features. And manufacturers are listening; today's vacuums stand up well against prior year competitors.

Quiet Down: All vacuums tested were loud, ranging well over 85 decibels. Reviewers even recommended earplugs. But since this report was released last year, many vacs have showcased quieter technology without sacrificing power.

Portable Is Paramount: Traditionally, wet/dry vacs have been heavy, with cheap castor wheels, making them nearly impossible to move from room to room. Many manufacturers have listened, adding portability features like retractable chords, backpack-style bins and more fluid wheels so that you can get through your tasks more easily.

Tools For Your Tasks: By adding tools like extra hoses, more powerful filters and versatile construction, vacuum manufacturers add to the applications their vacuums can perform. Allowing users to clean more places, get into smaller areas and do more tasks with one single piece of equipment shows that they have answered the call for customers demanding more. By clearing away dust, water, oil and anything else that dirties your home or workplace, you are protecting the people and preserving the pride for everyone.

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